Corona Kivi OÜ - Valmis Hauaplaat 68€ ja hauakivi 380€. Paekivist hauapiirded 540€ ja 2-kohaline Ukraina graniidist 1950€ -  Kõige odavamad hinnad Eestis.


       KEEL ЯЗЫК         

Tooted Kategooriate Kaupa


which quality stone and border set to use in Estonian Cemetery 

In Estonia usally 99 % cemeteries do not have any rules and regulation and cemetery do not care ...

when you are making a grave , so you should think  what will heppend after 5 year when grave is in snow inside snow in all winter ...

i work in cemetery and usally after 5 years this is what heppend with tiles ..

if you put only upside or upside and on sides this below pictures are future..